Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bink/ Breisis/ Allie's Dream FINALLY Comes True!

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Bink aka Briesis aka Allie is now a MODERATOR on Lisa Scott's site...

since Lisa realized the Subconscious Restructing SCAM was exposed she's moving on to a site where she can capitalize on Magical Thinking and MINIMIZE their time with toxic Narcissists into 'just a bad relationship.' Lisa was told but she's so childish she actually thinks she's hurting myself & Barbara by making Kim a moderator... LOL!!!

Lisa will be offering ONLINE DATING soon!!.. good going bitches!!

...and Bink/ Briesis/ Allie will be there to help oversee it all... the way -- GooseMama abandoned Out of the Fog... probably for the best since they were warned... apparently they CHECK PEOPLE OUT and Kim would never have been made a moderator there!!... lol


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Back, You Psychopath Bitch!

I left her alone for months - no posts - told her to leave me alone but she just can't stop STALKING!!!

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Thank you Lisa
Wed, 06/16/2010 - 07:14 — Allie

for letting me back on the board :) After I defended you against NarcNarc's venom last week, Barbara took it upon herself within an hour to promptly delete my account. I was patient, knowing she would eventually self destruct...the bitter ones always do. Wow, it didn't take long. Makes me wonder just how many times she deleted members who didn't agree with her or simply just p*ssed her off that day, lol. It would be exhausting being that bitter. It smacks of Barbara when members post in her defense. Pseudonyms? Though I agree with one thing, she did provide good links and articles written by others, everything else said in her defense is rubbish...supportive? tough love? Barbara was the most hateful person I've ever come across, and I'm including my 2 past narcs! If your idea of "support" is WAKE UP AND ANSWER THE CLUE PHONE! among all her other words of wisdom, maybe she'll make a forum just for can be called the "Bitter Bunch". You're entitled to miss her, you're also entitled to go find her. I am glad she's gone, and as for the suggestion that Jessika be the new moderator, I didn't know whether to crack up or gag at that post. She hides it behind her "I'm a psychologist" crap, but she is almost as nasty as Barbara. Definitely not operating from a place of light which is what we NEED on this forum! Let in the light!

Barbara's been GONE for days you twat and I left a couple days ago... No one deleted your account... no one banned you... Barbara's in possession of a validated email from Lisa's old webmaster showing there were only FOUR bannings and not ONE of them was you or that other wackjob - Carolyn. LISA LIED ABOUT BARBARA IN NUMEROUS WAYS TO MAKE HERSELF LOOK LIKE A VICTIM!!! just like you... bitch -- sound familiar???

Couldn't be something you did or some web glitch... you're so fucking paranoid and delusional it HAD to be on purpose!!.... And Jessika IS a licensed psychologist you stupid cunt... you're just a wanna be nobody and professional stalker!

Lisa needs a psychopath like you around... she's never ever dealt with a real one - hopefully you can teach her a thing or two.... Or maybe her Life Coaching scheme will help you get over being a PSYCHO STALKER. Has she offered you FREE help???

Maybe you and Lisa can hook up and trade tips about fleecing money from board members... how much did you fleece the Catbox members for again, Kimmy?

Friday, June 11, 2010

De-Evolution of an Abuser... the Genesis of BinkStink


ah... now BinkStink is accusing me of stalking her... again, this is what a psychopath does... i have proof of her stalking my BLOG and have posted it ... and have asked her to go away... and of course she has persisted.. i blocked her home IP some time ago... then she started stalking my blog from Providence Medical Center... and now i guess she's gone to the trouble of getting a proxy server.. because she is STILL reading my blog... and admits to it...

THIS BITCH WILL STALK ME ANYWHERE I GO NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRY TO IGNORE HER!! even to Lisa E. Scott where she proceeded to lie & slander my friend, Barbara - same way she lies about everyone including her EX NEVER WAS HER HUSBAND (as she 'claims') - Tim... hence, this blog

this is from her blog... dated march 9th...

Somebody STOP me from reading her blog!! Is this the same thing as checking your ex-abusive-boyfriend's Facebook friend list? Then there's always 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'
this is interesting in many ways... firstly... she sees no problem with continuing to read my blog... by any means available... and yet... if i happen to read some old posts of hers from the Catbox... some that she probably hoped no one would ever see again... then - according to her twisted logic - i am stalking her!!!
I've never had anyone do RESEARCH on me :) No wait :( Who is stalking whom? I realize she won't feel a "normal" sense of shame for showing herself as a stalker.

as with all Narcs/Psychopaths... BinkStink MUST have the last word... so she throws up nasty crap about me on her blog... then blocks me from responding... so i did contact her (in order to defend myself from her spew) ... here's the horrible, stalking thing i had to say to her...
seriously.... the person who wrote these things... sounds NOTHING like the hateful, obnoxious stuff you've been posting lately!

the things i am talking about are things she said in posts on the Catbox... when she first arrived there... as they are shockingly different from the things she has spewed at me and others lately...

now of course, she can read my blog for sometimes HOURS on end... and that - according to her continued twisted logic - somehow is not 'research'... but if i read posts that she made on a public forum... then all of sudden i'm 'researching' and 'stalking' her! lol!.. she is probably saying these things in reaction to what the posts contain... which seem to be from a completely different person than the one who attacked me repeatedly... and who now is attacking people she doesn't even know on Our Place...

i decided to read some of BinkStink's old posts... and it was SHOCKING... the difference between the things she said then... and the things she says now...

perhaps BinkStink should take the advice she gleefully dispensed to another
Posted 18 August 2009 - 12:35 PM
Until you realize that your sense of self worth is INSIDE of you, not out there in someone else's possession, you will be miserable and reading his stuff about you till Kingdom Come. You are the only one in control here. No one can knock sense into your head. If you are cooking rabbits, then YOU are doing it, no one else is pulling any puppet strings. That's the first thing you need to understand, and stop blaming other people for YOUR behavior.

Spend this time working on yourself in therapy, that's where your solution lies. You have a big problem with personal responsibility, accepting the consequences of your OWN behavior, and are causing yourself terrible grief by your own hand.
No one here can control your fingers that do the typing :lol:

I got the impression you attribute YOUR behavior to other people causing it. "Blame" is attributing "cause". His spewing on about you on another board doesn't "cause" you to do anything. You are always choosing to do what you do, maybe not consciously. When a person is choosing to torture themselves, it's hard to know what to say :lol: but STOP READING HIS NONSENSE!!! Stop hurting yourself. Why would you want to deliberately hurt yourself?

That's why I mentioned working on YOU in therapy. Discuss with your therapist that you have this tendency to torture yourself, and what could that be about?
now BinkStink is saying i'm stalking her... let me quote some of her own spew towards me...
You'd make your blog private or invitation only if you were so APPALLED at being READ (your version of stalked)

why don't you make the shit you smear on other people PRIVATE, BinkStink?... oh yeah... because it's no fun to ABUSE people if no one can see it!!!...

it's not surprising the cowardly blame shifting finger pointing stance BinkStink is taking... typical Narc... it's somehow MY fault she reads MY blog after I tried repeated to block her??? but alas... it's hard to rewrite history that is in writing... especially when a Narc is so fond of their abusiveness they don't bother to erase it...

the first shot fired was the hateful attack BinkStink launched on me... when she was bowing and scraping and backpedaling and trying to butt kiss her way back onto the Catbox... where she'd been banned for stalking and slandering other members... i couldn't have cared less... but all that changed when she started attacking me...
I wonder if it is the sudden appearance of anti-Catbox blogspots that people the front page of the Google search engine (I haven't tried any others)? Holy crap, there's a new one by an individual we are ALL familiar with who calls herself Confederaterebel (AKA Eggshellshocked, Outandabout, NeedsHRTBadly, Avoiding_Prozac, Gnashes With Teeth, whatEVER). My own journal modestly dusts the bottom of the page, but then above there is Hope's thread on Rick Ross, comparing Dr Irene's methodology with a cult known as Landmark, and of course NeBody's blog that has held a strong second place since the Meltdown itself.

Maybe THOSE little oil spills of information are causing potential new members to look askance.. I've read the entirety of Confederaterebel's blog (which I will, for the sake of the intelligence of my readers, NOT link to). This is an unfortunate woman who began her career on the Catbox with a truly sad story . . . living out her last days in a foreclosing house with beloved dogs and no home for herself and them in sight. Everyone is different, and as she lifted her head and blinked into the day, she saw rage instead of the Groundhog of Healing. There are plenty of other venues for frothing, foaming, vicious vengance vigilantes,( BinkStink's blog) but no, she plants herself in the Catbox and within a few weeks, out she goes. She comes back a few times under various guises to spew vitriol and bask in all the negative attention and frighteningly, some positive (frightening to BinkStink i guess)

She is the first poster I ever put on ignore. I could NOT deal with the ...and all the... between all her .... not to mention all the "fresh fish" metaphors, gawd!!!

With all her outright disgust with Trubble's Catbox and
Our Place , it causes me to wonder why she kept coming back.

She could not let go and now fills pages of the internet with some . . . I have to admit, very clever invective. Yeah, it's insipid and transparent . . . she loves her flying monkeys and counts her hits and flybys. The trouble is, her rhetoric is so NONcontagious that she is inadvertently giving a metric ton of publicity to Our Place, The Next Right Choice and Trubble's Catbox. (I hope so!!! I want people to see how abusive those places are to real abuse victims who need real help!!!)

pretty nasty, BinkStink... pretty nasty... so i come on and tell her if she doesn't like it to kiss my ass and go away... and the next thing you know that horse faced bitch Goongoddess (BinkStink's spew-sister and proxy) is crawling my ass like cheap underwear with her 'quite the heap of venomous hatred' BS ...
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i believe it all goes back to the one line where she revealed herself...
'my own journal modestly dusts the bottom of the page'... the nasty Narc BinkStink was full of rage and envy over this blog... waaaaay back when... and she still can't get over it... Narc jealousy and rage that something else actually gets more attention than her blog... where she writes vicious hateful 'advice' to victims on sites she herself is banned from... things not read or paid attention to... and here we are...

all Psychopaths and Narcs are big on rewriting and tweaking history... that's probably why so few of them put history in writing in the first place... but BinkStink did put history in writing... which makes it just a little bit harder to rewrite...

the agenda of Irene and the Catbox is personal responsibility... they want to force people to take personal responsibility... even for things that aren't their personal responsibility to take.... like the behavior of their Narc and Psychopath abusers... they want victims to take the BLAME for being victimized...i have a problem with that... a HUGE problem... but BinkStink does not... at least not until personal responsibility applies to HER...

so before we start off down the twisting dark road into the 'bad neighborhood' that is BinkStink's mind... let me again quote her..
You are the only one in control here. No one can knock sense into your head. If you are cooking rabbits, then YOU are doing it, no one else is pulling any puppet strings. That's the first thing you need to understand, and stop blaming other people for YOUR behavior.Spend this time working on yourself in therapy, that's where your solution lies. You have a big problem with personal responsibility, accepting the consequences of your OWN behavior, and are causing yourself terrible grief by your own hand.
and into the darkness we go...

first stop... BinkStink's first post on the Catbox...
Posted 28 August 2007 - 03:28 AM
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I keep wanting to change my thread title, it sounds sarcastic, but I think I am just still stunned, and angry with myself.

I only recently realized that I've been living with a wretched abusive man for seven years. I just thought he had anger issues, was kind of insensitive, had bad mood swings, and of course drug addiction. I finally managed to kick him out in June, after he was tazed by the police and taken into custody. The sheriff came out to inform me, and I saw my opportunity. I surprised the heck out of him and told him I want a protection order and I'll tell them EVERYTHING. I thought this was all about his drug problems, but he was abusive and scary when he was stone sober too. He's been gone only a little over two months, and I attend Alanon, which has been an absolute lifesaver. There was still a lot of stuff that didn't make sense and I have felt so ashamed of all this, and the shame has just persisted even though he's no longer here.

I feel like I have let myself down in the worst way.

I saw plenty of red flags along the way, and ignored them (like we all do I suppose). I was in a rough spot in my life when I met "Doofus" (that really describes him). I was a single mom with two bratty teenagers, now lovely adults. I worked full time as an RN, which is where I met the Doof, at work. My best friend had just passed away from breast cancer, we spoke daily since we were in junior college, raised our kids together, went through boyfriends together. I was probably insane from grief and just feeling so alone when I met Doofus. He was very religious, and told me he just wanted to sit on the beach and hold hands, he was dating another nurse who just wanted sex, his wife left him and took his son back to Japan because "she was so depressed and scared of everything". Poor guy!! Well I had to have him. He said he wanted to be a Daddy again. He wanted a garden and pets and a wife and children. He was still married to his wife in Japan, but she refused to come back. He said she was such a beautiful, perfect woman (yes he used those words), so "clean" in her person and housekeeping, and the perfect mother to their little boy, too. He mused about getting together with her, or going to Japan to be with her. I bought every single bit of it.

Yeah, she exists, and she left him because a SWAT team descended and tossed her house for drug making paraphernalia, scaring her and the baby to death. This I heard from his mother a year into the relationship. His drug history was "long ago", and his favorite was methamphetamine, he even cooked it. I still had to have him! What is that about?? He didn't tell me he had genital herpes. Not until after I caught it and wondered what in the he11 was going on down there . . . and my response? Well he'd been acting very angry, would lock me out of the bedroom, refuse to have sex with me because I wasn't doing it right, yada yada. When I lose it and begin to sob and demand that he leave (he'd moved in about two weeks before, and we'd already been through some serious fights), he went crazy apologizing, he was having an "outbreak" and it always made him feel sick and grumpy.

I was relieved! It was only herpes! And of course that is what was going on "down there" with me . . . but I was so relieved he was "back and loving" again that I just couldn't tell him that I had it too, I couldn't break his heart.

I just want to VOMIT writing this. But this is the truth. Two years ago, after much insisting, Doofus got his wish, and I sold my house in California so we could go "live in the country". We chose Idaho after a long road trip. It didn't take long for his real motives to come through. How many of us have been told the story that their Doofus would feel so much happier, wouldn't be so stressed and angry and nasty, if they could get out of the city? Moving to the country just gave him more imagined freedom to relapse on meth, accumulate a whole lot of guns and not so nice people in great abundance. Within a year of moving up here, I persisted and began getting livestock. Ironically, the move was his idea but I REALLY got into it . . . egg laying chickens, geese, turkeys, guineas and goats for milk. I loved it!! Thank God for my critters as they kept me sane, and don't forget, I had a garden and learned to can my own food. I've had a great time with that stuff, but in the background . . . I felt like I willingly walked into the biggest trap of my life. I wasn't about to leave the farm. Doofus wasn't about to leave the farm either. He continued to binge, disappearing two weeks of each month, and hosting booze/weed/pill parties in between. Of course I protested. He thought I was "cute" when I got angry. I threw a teflon pan at him and gashed his leg, I don't think "cute" fits too well. I was just as crazy as he was by the time the inevitable happened.

He'd always made "jokes" about me in public. If I pointed out his behavior, he seemed pleased that I noticed. If he was angry and irritable, he threatened to shut me up for good. When I threatened to call the sheriff, he was high and very agitated, he picked up a claw hammer and thrust it in my face and threatened to bash my skull in. I never confronted him again. I just planned how to get rid of him. But, I felt such shame. Not that I "deserved" his abuse . . . I never felt like I deserved it, long before I got over that. It was that I STAYED, that I overlooked so much, that I glazed over and spaced out instead of leaving long, long before. I'd let him have his way just to shut him up. I used to have a script for Xanax because I hate flying and had to for a while in one job. I refilled it, lying to my doctor, so I could give HIM the stupid pills, a few Xanax in him and he'd leave me the he11 alone, you know? I didn't take them but I didn't need to, somehow I can shut it all out and not deal with it all on my own. And that's what I did.

In June he tried to elude police and was tazed and that's when I told the sheriffs everything. They couldn't believe I hadn't "done" something long ago. They were nice about it, very helpful actually. I didn't know what to tell them. I didn't think they could do anything. If I called them, and they walked away for lack of evidence, he might have killed me.(isn't it amazing how little empathy BinkStink has for me... .even in light of this?...) I couldn't have articulated this at the time to them.

I am here on this board because I just don't get it! What happened to me?? I put up with this for seven years. I abandoned my kids. I let Doofus run the show, and he has ruined me financially. Oh he had my complicity.

I know this sounds dramatic but I am SO ANGRY with myself. I'm plenty angry with the Doof and will take out his leg if he sets foot on this property, he taught me how to shoot. I have no trouble being angry with him. But it's the anger at myself that is really hurting me.

In Alanon, I get the support for the drug addict end of it, and addiction and abuse often coincide, but are different issues. I'm just beginning to "get" that. Many of my close friends there have lovely spouses who just have an addiction. I had to admit the Doofus was never a lovely person, except when we first met. And then, I had to wonder what on God's green earth I was trying to do all these years, how willing I was to live a miserable life and put up with such carp.BTW, he's living at the edge of town in a junky trailer park. Rumor has it he's still waiting for me to "make up my mind". I believe I've already done that. I have a yearlong R.O., have retained a lawyer (can't afford him to take it to trial though), and every time he's violated the RO I've called 911 and they cart him off. This is a very small town, and we are "new"here, his "friends" steer clear of him because the sheriffs watch every move he makes, his "good" friends steer clear too. Why he hasn't gone to hide in the mountains in shame is amazing, but I know it's because he doesn't think he's done anything wrong.

I hope to find the answers here and in my readings on abuse. If you've made it this far, I thank you so much. Even more stuff is sailing home just writing this Bink
wow... she sounds NORMAL.. almost... there are a lot of similarities between BinkStink's story and my own... you would think that would cause her to have some understanding and empathy for me... instead of contempt and hatred...

what is the major difference between me and BinkStink?... SHAME... BinkStink is full of shame... self hatred... self loathing... and i am not... i have never ever accepted any of the blame or responsibility for the psychopath who abused me... is BinkSink envious of that?... it would appear so... early on she gave this creepy clue to how bad the neighborhood is inside her head...
Life beyond abuse, for me, is acknowledging how similar I am to my abuser, these days. How easy it is for me to be abusive, careless, refuse to take responsibility, refuse to acknowledge there is a greater reality than I want there to be.
sorry... i've had an abusive psychopath projecting his garbage onto me for years... and i'm full up... but BinkStink has decided to turn her 'Hippodrome projector' onto me... .to this day...

now let's turn on our xenon flashlights and go deeper into the bad neighborhood that is BinkStink's mind...

in my 'our feature presentation' posts... i unmasked BinkStink for the Narc she is... and included some of literally hundreds of hateful abusive posts she made to me...

so before we venture further into the mean streets of BinkStink's psyche... let me recap a few she made regarding my pets... and money... you will soon see how BinkStink has in the comments below, attempted to turn ME into HER... all these things below... are things BinkStink said and did... as you'll soon see...
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Your damage is not special or unique, and neither are you. That's the hope and the promise. But in your mind, it is the reason to give up and turn your hurt onto other people for not REALLY helping you, which I am coming to conclude would only be to send money.If that's what you want -- real, practical HELP -- then you'd better tone down your invective or no one will WANT to help such a vindictive, ungrateful, snarling pathetic thing
you don't WANT a hand up, you want a hand out. And who wants to give a hand out to such a vicious, insulting bitch as yourself? NO ONE.
There is no medication or real effective therapy for people with your issues. Except prison, to keep you away from taking advantage of naive people who have a hard time believing people as bottomlessly cruel and greedy even EXIST
Funny you don't address the health of your animals, just the one thing that doesn't necessarily implicate you.Do you even HAVE eight dogs and six cats? Or is that just another one of your crafted stories to get pity? It's just a bit over the top, just like the rest of your story
They fall for your fake sob story, try to help you, and when you overwhelm them with outrageous requests and then get ANGRY with them for not complying, they run for their lives
You slowly doom your animals to starvation and illness and neglect, supposedly. You tell lies to get sympathy and money. You try to take advantage of a system meant to help the TRULY needy. What is your opinion of yourSELF?
For all I know, you aren't living in a "hovel" with nine thousand animals. Someone would have called the Animal Cops on you by now for all your claims they are in need of food and care. How do you keep the fleas and heartworm under control? Do you brush them all and bathe them all? How do you care for their teeth? Do you do your own surgery on them when they are ill? You can't take care of them, if I am to believe your story.But I am starting to not believe it. If you can support 8 dogs and six cats, you DO have money. Because NO WHERE on Planet Earth is there enough charity or people willing to provide it without calling Animal Control on you!.
A person on dial up internet CANNOT set up or maintain a blog such as yours A person who is "disabled" because of their "complex PTSD" cannot manage to string enough thoughts together to set up a blog such as yours, nor would they have the intense focus to maintain such a pathetic sob story for SO LONG as to take advantage of good people until they too run the other direction when you begin attacking THEM. It is YOU who have been busted. As an abuser yourself. As a psychopath yourself. I ought to ban you entirely, out of decency and principle. Except you amuse me.
Are you flea infested?Are you running with red open sores from the vermin munching on your ankles? Do your dogs gasp and lay quietly on the ends of their chains, fur matted and eyes dim from starvation and worms? Does your hovel stink from the scarce kitty litter? Or are they shitting up the poor man's yard where you keep your hovel? Do you scoop it up out of some rare impulse to actually be grateful? If you do, where do you PUT the POO? In his garbage can? Or do you dry it and burn it for heat
BEHOLD!! BinkStink conning her fellow Catboxers out of MONEY...
Posted 18 December 2007 - 09:09 PM
ATM is a POS waste of the human genome and if I EVER doubted he was a sociopath/narcissist I no longer do. I am crushed to think I had this evil menace to society in my home, in my bed, how can I not look like some kind of moral idiot myself?And how is he getting all these people to HELP him when he is such an OBVIOUS criminal low life?? His widdle nuts got cold and somehow he got this couple -- who know him WELL and everything that's gone on -- to allow him to move in with him. These are salt of the earth folks . . . they are my friends too . . . they KNOW I got a RO for a reason! They know WHY I got one!I feel totally stupid saying this but I feel so betrayed by them. I know that's not what really happened but DAM guys, what the hell?? They are giving him 3 hots and a cot AND a base from which to operate. He cannot function unless he is feeding off of someone, he's been a complete mess since I kicked him out. This couple who allowed him to move in assured me they would NEVER let him come back and stay with them again. Man, that HURTS. I am so hurt. They didn't intend to hurt me or betray me. No, they fell "victim" to ATM and are poster children for why we need Alanon meetings up here. Still . . .

Then, I'm on a well for water and there is a leak in the cistern. I fill it up and by the next day, 300 gallons of water is gone. My car spouted an exhaust leak and I am BROKE. I mean I have NO money except about 200 bucks worth of savings bonds. Then the phone company called and my "service may be temporarily disconnected" tonight at midnight.

Oh yeah, my lawyer called me back to tell me he doesn't think refunding me any of my retainer is a good idea considering we will need every cent 'cause ATM is now on a litigious ROLL. He also counseled me NOT to sell anything, even if my phone gets cut off, and he was very serious about that.Oh and I have four bales of hay left for the goats. I've been trying to sell them off without any luck for months, I have offered them for FREE to local 4H but haven't heard back . . . guys, my only other option is to shoot them and butcher them.

No, I don't have a J*O*B goddammit. I haven't even been able to function beyond the daily necessities.
I guess there is no kick in the pants like this, huh? I need to wake up and get with the program. No one can do this for me. I cannot "eat" support and validation, nor will it keep the animals fed and the phone on :) I have to snap out of this depression and MOVE my butt.

My family are . . . well, lovely, POOR and rather dithering. I'd just worry them into heart attacks.I feel very, very frightened. And furious. And . . . I guess resigned. What can I do? But put one foot in front of the other. I have a great deal of faith in God but that doesn't mean I don't have some hell to go through.

I know this is a lot . . . if you made it through, knowing you read it means so much.
wow... that is quite the manipulative post!!. poor BinkStink... she cannot 'eat support and validation''.. support and validation won't keep her animals fed!!!.. she's BROKE... she's going to have to BUTCHER her pets... wow...

now... let's take a moment to review some of her vile spew at ME...onto whom she has chosen to PROJECT HERSELF and HER PATHOLOGY!!.

'you tell lies to get sympathy and money'... here she is projecting herself onto me!!.. it is BinkStink who was telling lies to get sympathy and money!!. because i have never used my pets or my situation to solicit sympathy or money!!. EVER!!! she is attacking me... but actually talking about herself! and the same with this attack...
For all I know, you aren't living in a "hovel" with nine thousand animals. Someone would have called the Animal Cops on you by now for all your claims they are in need of food and care. How do you keep the fleas and heartworm under control? Do you brush them all and bathe them all? How do you care for their teeth? Do you do your own surgery on them when they are ill? You can't take care of them, if I am to believe your story.

But I am starting to not believe it. If you can support 8 dogs and six cats, you DO have money. Because NO WHERE on Planet Earth is there enough charity or people willing to provide it without calling Animal Control on you!.
gee BinkStink... how does someone with NO MONEY care for -- let me quote you .... "a herd of 25 goats, a couple dozen chickens and ten geese and two tom turkeys, 13 dogs and two cats. Oh yeah, and me :)" ... followed up with that talk about BUTCHERING her pets!!.

and well... she can't SELL anything... because her lawyer has told her not to!!.. OMG... and for all these women on the Catbox knew... BinkStink is NOT 'living in a hovel with nine thousand animals'!! she's projecting herself onto me AGAIN...
a couple of people tell her to give the animals away... nd leave... or take them to a shelter...

well -- now BinkStink seemed to think i was lying about the shelters here being
full... maybe it's because of her 'forgetting' THIS post of HERS!!!
Thanks Miki The animal shelters were something I'd looked into a while back, they are crammed with animals and can't take a single one. I even called today, no change, but I was able to schedule spay/neuter of the puppies for free
Oh I "know" about the farm life thing . . . ATM was going to be the one to "do the deed" while I disappeared myself until it was all over . . . I did this last year with a couple of goats, I handled it OK. Once it didn't "look like" the poor goat any more I was alright .

What I CANNOT kill and eat are my precious little poultry people. I love birds and it would be like butchering one of my dogs There are two geese who I will take with me, and my cats Bebe and Bink. I pray I can find temporary homes for the two adult dogs and the Great Pyrenees.
by now Catboxer Wind Dancer has offered to send her money by paypal... and the ball starts rolling... Wind Dancer even offers to let her come to Georgia and stay with her...
The general feeling about livestock is . . .well, they are food and open mouths, what are you, crazy? Times are tough, butcher them.

Not a single person has offered to help me keep them going until I can somehow, some way, get them on to new homes or Freezer Camp. Wind I don't know what to say, you can't see my face (and I'd be hiding it anyway), people who don't even know me from Adam offering to help me is . . . well, I am used to helping others, and so not used to being helped.

I'll set up a pay pal thingie, maybe I can use it to sell something on Ebay?I know I can't just sit here and wait any more. I don't even know what I was waiting for . . . for God to drop a care package from Heaven? To find a money tree, a sugar daddy? I wasn't even thinking . . . I can do "One Day at a Time" like a champ but I think I over did it
I have received more support that I FEEL from the people here than from all the IRL interactions I've had in the last two years. I am not kidding. That support ALONE has lifted me up, guys.

And NO ONE has offered to help me feed my critters till I can get them rehomed except you all. It's not surprising . . . number one, I never asked :) and second, you don't want to know how they "take care" of unwanted animals up here.

I feel like I must say the "right thing" to convey my gratitude, but for the life of me I don't have words for it. I have words for everything too . . . but have to go around the mulberry bush, it's just too powerful for me to give it "word" right now.

after acting like she, who seems to be of at least average intelligence, had no idea about paypal or how to set up an account.. someone did it for her... and the money poured in... how much no one but she knows...
OH BOY!! I just looked and SO many have responded and placed donations in my little PayPall account . . . I am truly FLOORED guys :( I am going to make sure every bit of donations and love and concern sent my way MEAN SOMETHING. I promise it will! It is going to be my leg up.I am NOT giving up. This all gives me so much more hope where I was running out of it . . .Y ou have made a difference. A bigger one than you know!

Perhaps the favorite all around foodies for the livestock is cracked grains. I call it "crack" lol because they go for it like the drug!! It's especially important to have a little "crack" in the winters up here, it keeps the internal fires burning and little beasts warm and chunky and healthy.

And, it is not expensive, and goes a long way.
BinkStink... here -- in her rabid malicious attacks on ME... was actually talking about herself...
'you slowly doom your animals to starvation and illness and neglect, supposedly. You tell lies to get sympathy and money.
BinkStink did what she is accusing me of!!. she really played them... and then... when the Catbox blew up... BinkStink thanked them all by hatefully betraying everyone who had sent her that money... attacked them... maligned them... and took sides with Dr. Irene... .again to further her own agenda... and that's why she is not welcome at Our Place.... because she conned them... and they know it...

who wants to give a hand out to such a vicious insulting bitch as yourself, BinkStink? i bet these days... NO ONE...

Here's more of her spew against me:
I agree that what I think of me and know to be true is enough. I don't actually have a problem with her calling me a narc or a ravening psychopath intent upon victimizing the already victimized.

nope... what BinkStink has a PROBLEM with is me causing a psychopath (her) some discomfort... too much full strength truth for her taste...

see... i had a 'profession' too... i was a real estate broker for many years... and i'm not quite beliving BinkStink's story!!.. i can go back and look up home sale prices in San Diego the year BinkStink sold hers... and what the appreciation rates were... and i don't believe for one minute that BinkStink took the profit from the sale of her home... bought 20 acres and a cabin in Idaho... bought a bunch of livestock... bought trucks...a and assorted other things we will eventually hear her tell of purchasing... and did it without a job... and then spent two years living there... with no job... surviving solely off the money from the sale of her house... while her ex: ATM spent 100 grand on drugs!!.. nope... just doesn't add up... just doesn't add up...
funny Pictures, Images and Photos
obviously she and her ex, ATM had a source of income that is for some reason not being mentioned... wonder what that reason could be?... you'll see her say HERSELF that ATM was a meth cook.. why would someone chose to move to a remote area of Idaho?... with no job?... unless they had a new career in mind????????...

hmmmmmm... are you sure that was CHEESE you and ATM were making up on that 40 mile switchback road in the wilds of Idaho, BinkStink????? or is this quote you spewed at ME some more of YOUR projection about yourself???? :)
YOU MARRIED HIM. You thought he was a pretty good deal yourself. I suspect there was a time his nefarious deeds (criminal activity, drug addiction) were lookin' pretty good to you. Together you could rip off the whole world and sit pretty on your real estate millions, together. ceptin's crime does NOT pay.

More from 'always the martyr' BinkStink:

I have a problem with a crazy woman contacting my place of EMPLOYMENT, dragging my personal life forward and causing the need for me to explain how I even know this whackjob. I don't announce wherever I go that I am a domestic abuse survivor. And it is EMBARRASSING to realize I've got another one after me, so unfortunately, I've been reacting, and you're right :)

I don't care what they think of me because suddenly I am a domestic violence survivor. I like to choose when and who I share this information with, on my own terms.

OK, I didn't realize THAT is what bothers me the most.

hmmmmm... then it's back to the THIRD PERSON schizoid shit... with another jab at me for telling the truth:
Who "Bink" is already speaks for itself, and her blog content says more about her.
More from Bink and what she and her proxies say about me.


by psychopath Mike McGrannahan
"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as
they now look upon the murder of men."
-- Leonardo Da Vinci

.“I do not bring forgiveness with me, nor forgetfulness. The only ones who can forgive are dead; the living have no right to forget.” -- Chaim Herzog
''Justice is incidental to law and order." - J. Edgar Hoover

"Life is life's greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life's scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest." -- Lloyd Biggle Jr.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't Get Enough of These Masquerades!

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Monday, April 5, 2010




Is it so wrong to expect people to treat you as you've treated them?


oh my... how sad... BinkStink has rewritten history... she's hidden all her nasty posts... and yet i, horrid horrible person that i am... i have neither forgotten or forgiven!!. .woe is BinkStink... read her latest pity party (my invective in TURQUOISE)
Is it so wrong to expect people to treat you as you've treated them?(NOPE...not at all, especially when you've treated them like shit) Well, yes. (the pity party is getting OLD, Narc )

Because it's hopeless.You can't make another person behave in a manner that you think is appropriate unless you can beat them, shame them or terrify them into compliance. (yep.. you tried all that, huh BinkStink) Or, unless they already have the faculty of loving you and wanting to please you. If they do not, then you are back to coercion by force.

I don't think there is any escape from "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It's just that you can't MAKE them do unto you in a specific way, no matter how much good you do unto them.SHOULD they? (poooooor BinkStink... what a martyred saint...)

This thought is, "I want you to X, therefore, you should." The wanter is the sun around which the planets of other people revolve. (NARC NARC) Not real flattering. (NOPE BinkStink... not flattering)

Wanting other people, no DEMANDING they treat you decently is entitlement.But then . . . but then . . . it's still not RIGHT that I was treated poorly, was it? (who is she talking about?... who treated this bitch POORLY?.. oh yeah.. everybody in the world, because she's a NARC)No, it wasn't RIGHT.But then . . . but then . . . I should do something about it!!Yes indeed, but what? Do what?Here's the rub. We get stuck believing that the problem is with the other person who is treating us badly.

I mean, it seems so obvious. But it's a misperception of solution. And a brick wall, besides, one I've beat my head against forever.Yes, do something. Do something you CAN do.Like . . . walk away. Leave.(lie.. rewrite histoy... play the victim) Accept the other person exactly as they are, give them that much respect and credit. It's against no law for a person to be an ass, a jerk, or a bitch. See yourself as you are, unable to reach in and mess with their motherboard. So what CAN you do?What I do is take myself away. (translates to 'run away and reinvent myself') I avoid people who treat me like shit. (tranlates to 'i avoid people who are onto me' )It's very natural, even paramecia do it.

I can imagine only extreme situations where I would confront a person and TELL them to treat me better. The rest of the time, I don't need them to treat me one way or another. They don't define me. They can't get inside me all that easily (anymore). Whatever, dude. Knock yourself out. Go in peace, asshole.I spend just as much time as I ever did noticing people who act like barbarians, but much LESS time searching and obsessing about what to do about it.

well, shucks... she still sounds a little bummed out... i hope it wasn't Sam's opinion of her... of her personality disorders... i mean after all... she diagnosed herself... not intending to of course... in her little pity party entitled MEAN PEOPLE SUCK... she said this.. lobbing it at me....
From what I know about personality disorders, a person WITH one is a person with a hazy, indistinct sense of self. It is easily threatened, and viciously defended. An insult is life or death. They are both grandiose and so insignificant to themselves. When we are talking ideas and honesty and integrity, which are much higher on the food chain than they can grasp, they are struggling, like a 13 year old terror of a kid, for a simple sense of SELF. The sense they do have is so fragile a breeze would dislodge it. It really is life and death, to them.I can better understand "mean people" from this point of view.
BinkStink is throwing herself quite the PITY PARTY...but looks like no one came.....
How can I tell whom not to trust?" ...the best clue is, of all things, the pity play. The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy...More than admiration--more even than fear--pity from good people is carte blanche. When we pity, we are, at least for the moment, defenseless...You know this is true. How many times in the movies has this tactic been used by the evil villain? Innumerable. We are screaming at our TV screens, "Don't fall for that!!" as we see the camouflaged evil villain lure in the good guy by appealing to the good guy's intact heart and conscience with a convincing act of being wounded, pitiable, defenseless. If the good guy believes the act, he is the one rendered defenseless. This allows the bad guy to kill him or make an escape. This scene happens over and over again in movies because we all recognize it to be a common tactic of evil people, and we all recognize the good guy's vulnerability to such a tactic. His decency is what sets him up for the fall. We find ourselves wishing that the good guy could be just a little less decent for a moment so he can avoid what we can see is coming...his annihilation.Do we have to lose our decency to insure we don't fall for such a ruse? No, I don't think so. We just need to pay attention. Don't assume that anyone who seems pathetic and pitiable is automatically going to deserve your compassion or pity. Remember that giving sympathy to evil doers is no virtue. If you want your compassion to be virtuous be sure to give it to the truly deserving.Stout gives us some guidance on how to decide who is trustworthy and who is deserving of your compassion:"When deciding whom to trust, bear in mind that the combination of consistently bad or egregiously inadequate behavior with frequent plays for your pity is as close to a warning mark on a conscienceless person's forehead as you will ever be given."

"I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him."

-The Sociopath Next Door, pg. 109.

The devil does exist. Boot his or her sorry ass out of your life.

BOOOOOO HOOOOOO BinkStink... cry me a river of crocodile tears... i'm not buying it... and looks like no one else is either...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


In her latest post, BinkStink tried this exact tactic... nice try... not buying your "poor little ole me" bullshit!

Duck Scam Pictures, Images and Photos

by Anna Valerious

Manipulators. We've all been taken in by them. All malignant narcissists are manipulators, though not all manipulators are narcissists. Either way, it is impossible to avoid them. It is possible to minimize our susceptibility to them.

The concept that has helped me the most in enabling me to recognize when someone is trying to force me into what they want from me is the reality that manipulators are aggressive, and most times they are able to hide their aggression. George K. Simon, Jr., Ph.D. of "In Sheep's Clothing" calls them "covert-aggressives". As I read his book I realized that my whole experience with my sister especially, but also my mother, was that of being up against a covertly-aggressive person. My sister is better at it than my mother is. Interestingly enough.

Simon makes a great case for opening our eyes to what is really happening in these interactions; that the character disordered individual, or simply aggressive person, is fighting to get their own way when they use certain tactics. And he points out that they are tactics. Not defensive reactions.

"...viewing someone who's in the act of aggressing as being defensive in any sense is a major set-up for victimization." pg. 95

He also describes the tactics of the covert-aggressive as being another form of lying.

One of the first things their tactics accomplish for them is to conceal the fact that they are fighting with you. They are refusing to allow you to have the opinion you have, the standards you have, the decision you've made. They are attempting to force your surrender to their way, their opinion, their standards (or lack thereof). But the first thing they must do is come at you in such a way that the first thing you'll think is that they are reacting defensively. They hide their aggressiveness under a cloak of pretense that they are simply acting out of defensiveness which, of course, means that you attacked them. So the next thing their tactics accomplish is putting you on the defensive. Now you are knocked off-balance and the covert-aggressive will likely start throwing so many different manipulative tactics at you at once that you end up falling for the ruse and capitulate.

Simon states that it is impossible to list all the tactics manipulators use, but he does make a short list of the most popular ones. He starts with "minimization". It is a 'oh my god' moment to see it spelled out. How many, many times have my mother or sister used this tactic on me and others?? It could not be counted.

Simon again contrasts the behavior of the neurotic with that of the character disordered as he explains this tactic:

"...the aggressor is attempting to assert that his behavior isn't really as harmful or irresponsible as someone else may be claiming. It's the aggressor's attempt to make a molehill out of a mountain... Neurotics frequently make mountains out of molehills, or 'catastrophize.' The disturbed character frequently trivializes the nature of his wrongdoing. Manipulators do this to make a person who might confront them feel they've been overly harsh in their criticism or unjust in their appraisal of a situation."

Then the money quote, in my opinion:

"Minimization is not primarily the way they make themselves feel better about what they did, it's primarily the way they try to manipulate my impression of them. They don't want me to see them as a person who behaves like a thug. Because they are most often comfortable with their aggressive personality style, they also want me to believe that there's nothing wrong with the kind of person they are." pg. 97

Cat Duck Pictures, Images and Photos
Can you see the lie that is the fabric of this type of manipulation? If you miss the lie, you can be convinced by the manipulator that you are the one aggressing against them. You are the one who is misapprehending the truth of what happened, the truth of what they are. You big meanie. Look at poor little defensive me trying to stand up against your mean and nasty aggression against me! I was only... fill in the blank... as they cut that mountain down to the size of a zit. You back down because suddenly they are the victim and you are hurting them. You fall for the wounded wing act. The one who was truly fighting for their own way is pretending that you are the one who picked the fight, who is being unfair, who needs to admit you are wrong!

I so loathe this sneaky way of lying to get ones way.

I had read this book some months before my last interaction with my sister. I had forgotten about the book, but some of the concepts I had learned were operational for me. My sister's aggression was immediately obvious to me. I did not allow her to minimize the mountain. I didn't believe the covert lie that by my having a certain opinion that I had put her on the defensive. I again highly recommend this little book. It can save your sanity when you're suddenly in a "fight" with a sneaky little lying f-ing manipulator.

Saturday, April 3, 2010




that's a BUMMER man..that's a bummer....
-the Big Lebowski

gee...BinkStink is bummed out!!

My daughter and grandson went to San Diego for another visit to her friends a week ago. Her lovely friend Tanya bought her a ticket and is hosting the visit. I have been walking around my house like a ghost, tripping over Orion's toys and Charisse's plastic hair thingies (crunch), Don't know when they will come back, IF they will come back. It feels like such a huge part of me is gone. I miss them so much.
So when you grieve, you clean. Deeply. With vigor, in the corners. I even repainted all the baseboards today. I yanked down the blinds that don't really fit the new windows and let the outside in. No more running nekkid from the bathroom, at least until I break down and decide on new "window treatments". Sheesh, window treatments? Around here in redneckville it's tres couture to hang sheets in your windows. No one would look askance.

I moved around the furniture in the living room. Not that I have much furniture. We dumped it all when we went to Idaho. We inherited some shitty furniture from the previous owners of the farm, and I left it there when I ran away. So I have a fifty dollar couch from the Goodwill, and a thirty year old pumpkin colored Lazy Boy with my grandmother's afghan over it . . . some blonde oak end tables and a dead plant, still in the pot. I've been an RN for almost 20 years, raised my kids and you'd think I'd have my house "in order" but it looks a lot like what I had when I was on welfare going to college. It's a little depressing. The house isn't even mine.

It's raining outside (what a shock around HERE, I know) and it's drumming on the patio roof in a way that underscores my mood. Actually, a softer, sadder rain would be better.

Well, time to warm up the Kentucky Fried 8 piece Family Meal I bought for my UNfamily. It should last me three or four days. I love the potatoes and gravy, especially the gravy. OK, I'm happier now. There's a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer too. Maybe I'll save it, maybe I'll eat the whole thing. Depends upon how self destructive I feel. If I eat it, I'll get in bed and crank up the electric (pfffffft) blanket and watch Discovery Health Channel. The Duggar's are on tonight. Yeah, I feel better now.

Can't get into my own pants Pictures, Images and Photos

BinkStink is sounding a little bummed out... i don't get it... her attacks on me for being bummed out were vicious and relentless... i just refuse to embrace the 'groundhog of healing', remember?.... BinkStink has been busy... she's been rewriting history, and erasing some too... like a little beaver... er... groundhog... er... NARC...

pooooor BinkStink... she's in victim mode... bummer...

she's removed all her nasty posts to me on her 'camping with abuse survivors' rant/psychotic break... that's ok... i have it all copied to disc along with source code to prove she wrote it.. :)

BinkStink's living conditions sound rather... uh... bleak... let's not forget that BinkStink is for somewhere between 17 and 120 years a NURSE.. RN...

the average yearly income for a nurse is around 52,000 dollars... and yet BinkStink is sitting around on a Goodwill sofa, and a burnt orange LazyBoy recliner????...

and she says it's 'a little depressing'... huh... because when i was saying how much i missed my home... and all of my things that the psychopath Mike McGrannahan stole from me... here's what she had to say...

I'm saying that unless you suffer from a mental illness, you don't need to live like you do. He may not have left you much but your beating heart but that's enough.

Guess that ugly ass orange LazyBoy should be enough, BinkStink... buck up.. i mean... unless you're suffering from a MENTAL ILLNESS... you don't need to live with an ugly orange recliner, right????... what's your problem?... don't forget... you're HEALED..

I learned to accept and forgive myself at the knees of some veteran abuse survivors on Trubble's Catbox (they are all at Our Place) now. I saw that THEY redefined themselves and went on, perhaps limping a bit, to new and better lives.
there you go!!.. living in a rented dump in 'Redneckville' and laying around in an orange LazyBoy is NEW and BETTER... so why so bummed???? why not go back over there on your knees now that you're bumming and get some more of that acceptance and forgiveness... oh... i know why... because you're a PARIAH
among the PIRAHNAS!!
I know this is what makes me a pariah in the domestic violence victim community, this willingness of mine to point out the stain on the lily white garment of the abused.
BinkStink appears to be attempting to reinvent herself... gone is the snide hateful condescending vile bitch, whose rambling vicious diatribes prompted me to make a complaint to her employer... not gone, really... just hidden... like all her nasty comments on her journal...

lately she's a new and improved BinkStink... posting about her geese... about her love for them... geee... quite a change from the sniveling cowardly bitch who allowed ATM to dump her cats... take her dogs to the pound... and shoot and eat her chickens!!. we'll examine all that in another post...

but for now let's get back to the matter at hand... BinkStink's DEPRESSION... (SIGH)...
BinkStink, being a psychopath is a fan of other psychopaths.... Sam Vaknin for instance...
Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Love, and fathered a new understanding of personality disorder (specifically narcissism and psychopathy), being one himself and telling it like it is, from his perspective. Many people reject his ideas because he openly admits he IS a narcissist or psychopath. But the content of his ideas line up with experience just a bit to well for ME to toss him out. (i bet) Personally? Who better can describe the machinations in the mind of a narcissist than a narc? (ok... let's run with your opinion BinkStink) That he's undoubtedly skimming a ton of supply from all the attention doesn't prevent me from the revelation. I can't think like a narc, myself. (uh huh) I have been aware forever that personality disordered people THINK differently, use a different frame of reference entirely.
ok... just for kicks - let's compare some of BinkStink's own thoughts about herself to Sam's take on them!!

what BinkStink says about herself:
I had no sense of "self" except a very limited one. I did not exist as a separate individual.. First you must have an actual SELF to focus on. What I had to focus on, back then, was . . . nothing at all.
ewwwwwww... here's what Sam has to say about THAT....
Vaknin: A Narcissist (notice the capital N) has no sense of self. If not reflected by others, he feels annulled, dead, void. It is a harrowing experience (I went through it once). It is like being separated to molecules and suspended in mid air.
hmmm....then there's this....
My "self" was a decoupage of what I believed was expected of me, what kept me 'well liked' by other people, what kept them from being mean or hurtful or rejecting me.
My "self" was a conglomeration of what I'd been given, or decided I needed, to keep myself safe from others. Beneath the conglomerate was a life long belief that I was walking a fine line between tolerance and rejection.I did not perceive myself as having any real protection from other people's meanness and rejection. Other than charming them, being as passive and perceptive as I could be to what they seemed to need me to be.
Sam's assessment:
The narcissist gets all the love that he needs from himself. From the outside he needs approval, affirmation, admiration, adoration, attention – in other words, externalised Ego boundary functions. The Narcissist emulates and simulates an entire range of emotions and employs every means to achieve these effects. He lies (narcissists are pathological liars – their very self is a false one). He acts the pitiful, or, its opposite, the resilient and reliable.
thanks, Sam...

gone is the old BinkStink... the hateful self aggrandizing manipulating haughty bitch... she's been replaced by MOTHER GOOSE.. a bummed out one... Sam, what's your take on this?
His aggression having failed to elicit Narcissistic Supply, the narcissist proceeds to indulge himself in daydreaming, delusions of grandeur, planning of future coups, nostalgia and hurt (the Lost Paradise Syndrome).
i see... and what about this rewriting history thing, Sam?... what's up with that???
When all else fails, this is what they do. Put them in a corner about something that happened as recently as an hour ago and they will either tell you that they have no recall of it whatsoever or simply tell you that you are wrong. At this point they will be more than happy to go into great detail about what really transpired, which can be so blatantly untrue that it leaves you standing mouth agape.They will claim to have said or done things that they didn't; claim that you did or said things that you didn't or simply rewrite the story entirely. In extreme cases they will even claim that the incident never happened at all.
wow, Sam... sounds pretty fucked up... now what about this TWO CAMPS the crazy bitch pounded on about for days???
This is a bit like the old schoolyard dynamics. You'd have two gangs pitted against each other and each would try to steal the stronger members from the other and win them over to their own side. In many ways, narcissists have never left the school yard.As one person falls out of favour with them, so they rush around rallying support against that person from everyone else, starting with their best source of supply and working down to the weakest. Anyone who does not fully agree with the narcissist is thrown into the bad camp with the original outcast.This outcast state can continue for days, weeks, months or even years. It will end when the outcasts either have grovelled sufficiently or the narcissist has outcast someone else in his camp and needs to strengthen this inner circle again.He calls the shots. He decides when you have been sufficiently punished and shown sufficient remorse and all of it is dictated by his own needs only. The king is in his kingdom
sounds about right... well, Sam... according to BinkStink, you're the expert... what say you?... is she or isn't she?... give us a hint...
that's a BUMMER, BinkStink... that's a bummer...